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Membership is open to legal secretaries, paralegals, legal assistants and others employed in a law office, the courts, the trust department of a bank or trust company, or any public or private institution or office directly engaged in work of a law related nature, and who agree to comply with the NALS Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibility (



With three levels of certification NALS offers something for everyone and if you are just starting your career we offer you ways to prove yourself as you advance and gain experience.

Accredited Legal Professional (ALP) – The ALP certification is for beginners in the legal industry and helps you to prove your capabilities. This is a four-hour, three-part exam covering written communications, office procedures and legal knowledge, and ethics. (

Professional Legal Secretary (PLS®) / Certified Legal Professional (CLP®) – This is an advanced certification for legal professionals showing a mastery of skills. This full-day exam consists of four parts covering written communications, office procedures and technology, ethics, and legal knowledge and skills. (

Professional Paralegal (PP) – Are you looking for a way to establish your credentials nationwide as a Professional Paralegal? Established in 2004, the Certified PP designation is an attainable goal for paralegals who wish to be identified as exceptional in all areas of law. The certificate is received after passing a one-day, four-part examination. This full-day exam covers written communications, legal knowledge and skills, ethics, and substantive law.  (

NALS Specialty Certificate

NALS Specialty Certificate – Any certified Professional Paralegal (PP), Professional Legal Secretary (PLS) and/or Certified Legal Professional (CLP) may earn a Specialty Certificate after obtaining 50 CLE credit hours in one of the specialty tracks designated by NALS within a five-year validity period. Specialty Certificates will be valid for 5 years, after which time, a new application must be submitted in order to maintain a valid Specialty Certificate.  (

NALS Specialty Areas:

Administrative Law
Appellate Law
Bankruptcy Law
Business Law
Civil Litigation
Contract Law
Corporate Law
Criminal Law
Elder Law
Employment Law
Estate Planning/Probate
Family Law
Immigration Law
Insurance Law
Intellectual Property
Juvenile Law
Law Office Management
Personal Injury Law
Real Estate Law
Trial Management

CLE Award

The NALS Continuing Legal Education (CLE) Award is issued to any member who attains a minimum of 60 qualified hours of continuing education approved by NALS within a three-year period. (

Affinity Programs

Through outside sources NALS is able to provide our members with many services that otherwise might be substantially more expensive, including Aflac, Avis Car Rental, DLS Internet Services, FedEx Advantage Program, UPS, and more!  (


NALS is on the cutting edge of technology by providing information to you in the ways you want to receive it.  Whether it is a print publication, digital newsletter, or even through social media, NALS will keep you up to date on what is going on in the association and the industry.

@Law – The NALS magazine for legal professionals is sent to members four times per year and includes expert written articles on all areas of law as well as specific topics of interest to members.  This is a top-notch publication that NALS members can be proud of while learning from the content and anticipating the next issue.  (

The NALS docket – this digital publication in email format provides members and non-members with relevant and up-to-date NALS information such as industry and profession trends, member and chapter recognition, and education. Included are e-Learn and Staff Notes columns, articles written NALS members, as well as noting upcoming deadlines and monthly education product highlights. (


We all still like to meet in person, and NALS conferences are well known for offering great education while creating a fun environment for you to enjoy your time away from the office.  With two state conferences and one national conference, you can make the most out of your membership.

NALS Education Conference and National Forum – The crown jewel of NALS conferences, this gathering features three days of education and networking opportunities at different destinations each year.  Held in September or October, this conference changes locations around the country so keep any eye out as it may be headed your way soon! (

Social Media Community

NALS has a widespread online community on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and is an excellent resource for keeping in touch with members and letting the online community know what is trending in NALS. 

Other opportunities are available through the NALS website at