Patrons of NALS of PA

A Message from your Patron Chair . . .

Hello fellow NALS of PA Members!

For the upcoming fiscal year 2020-2021, President Herbin has given me a challenge to collect the sum of $120 in Patron donations.  I accept the challenge and we will wait in anticipation to see if I have lived up to the task!

If you wish to become a NALS of Pennsylvania Patron for only $5 and see your name in print, please click on the link below.

Thank you for your continued support in our fine Association.  I will report to you again in the fall about the challenge!

Marjorie L. Dominick, PLS
Patron Chair


Thank you to the 2019-2021 Patrons

Ella Herbin, President
Ella (a/k/a “Eloise”) Herbin
Rita Ann Gilson, PP, PLS
Nonna to Four
& B Forever
Hilda Thompson, PLS
Danielle Herring, Pa. C.P., MS/AJS, MLS
Darcel D. Davenger, M.Ed., DTM
Gerry Fisher
Carl Fisher
Marjorie L. Dominick, PLS
Patricia E. Infanti, PP, PLS
Shelley May Mincer, Past President
Flora Yarnall, PLS
The J.G. Wentworth Company
In Memory of Ruth L. Gutleber, PLS
Mabel Haines, Forever in our Hearts
Gina Sciullo Siudyla
Wanda M. Void
Crackers, Polly, Candy & Loona
Xena – Goddess in the Closet