If you are a member in good standing of NALS of Pennsylvania and enrolled in or are taking a law-related or secretarial course, a law-related degree program through an accredited institution (i.e. college, university or online), or are preparing for and taking a NALS certificate exam during the fiscal year May 1, 2019 through April 30, 2020, you should consider applying for this education scholarship.

Two drawings — each for funds expended in an amount up to $100 — will be held at the Annual Conference.

Simply complete and return this application together with the course enrollment form and a copy of the receipt to the address below.  All applications must be postmarked no later March 31, 2020.

Danielle E. Herring, Pa.C.P., MS/AJS, MLS
Margaret Marsh, PLS Scholarship Chair



NAME:  _________________________________________________________________________________

ADDRESS:  ______________________________________________________________________________

PHONE – DAY: ___________________________ EVENING:  ________________________________________

COURSE:  _______________________________________________________________________________

DATE ATTENDED:  ________________________________________________________________________

Mail the following by March 31, 2020:

  • completed application
  • copy of enrollment form
  • copy of receipt


Danielle E. Herring, Pa.C.P., MS/AJS, MLS
NALS of PA Margaret Marsh, PLS Education Scholarship
c/o Sher & Associates, P.C.
15019 Kutztown Road, Kutztown, PA  19530



Permanent Rules and Regulations for CLE Award

At the Annual Education Conference of NALS of Pennsylvania, any member in good standing shall be recognized for completing qualified hours of continuing education as hereinafter set forth within the fiscal year of April 1 through March 31. The award shall consist of a certificate issued by the association that attests to the educational accomplishment of the member. Credits shall be given for programs of at least thirty minutes in length. The awards shall be follows: Gold for 20 hours or more; Silver for 10 to 19 hours; and Bronze for 3 to 9 hours.

All CLE must be NALS approved and obtained within the specified fiscal year in order to be eligible for the award. Therefore, it is strongly urged that all CLE be entered through NALS website under the member’s Professional Development. NALS will then approve said CLE and the member can then print the CLE obtained within said period. In the event of recertification for any NALS certifications, CLE Award, or Specialty Certificate, only the hours earned during NALS of Pennsylvania’s fiscal year apply for the state’s award.

A member in good standing shall submit their application to the CLE Award Chairman. By signing the application for the CLE Award, a member certifies that the information furnished is complete and correct. Any member filing a false report of educational activities may be subject to disciplinary proceedings for engaging in unethical conduct under the Bylaws and Standing Rules. All applications shall be received by the Chairman no later than April 5 of any given year.

Hours are calculated based upon the actual hours in attendance in programs and/or courses or the actual hours spent on writing published articles. The following are the categories a member may utilized for the Award:

  • Legal Education Programs and Legal Education College Courses. This category includes attendance at any organized program of legal learning such as any national, state, regional, or local meetings of this association, other workshops, symposiums, or lectures or serving as a panel discussion participant or seminar speaker. Video, motion pictures, or sound tape presentations may also be used.
  • Certification. This category includes attendance at any association sponsored study groups, cram days, cram weekends, or other study courses relating to the PP, PLS, or ALS certification examinations.
  • NALS Legal Training Course, Course of Independent Study (Basic or Advanced). This category includes attendance at the training courses.
  • General (job related) Educational Programs and Courses. This category includes attendance at job-related educational programs and college courses such as personnel administration, office technology, word processing, basic secretarial skills, grammar, accounting, filing systems, case management, and total quality management.
  • Published Articles. This category includes writings for national, state, regional, or local publications for this association, any bar association, legal secretarial professions, other publications of a legal nature, and/or books for use by the legal profession.
  • Professional Enhancement Programs, Courses and Self-Study. This category allows for a maximum of 10 hours per year and includes programs or courses in time management, stress management, leadership, motivation, and human relations. This category also includes self-study reading material dedicated to the legal profession including articles, Bar Association newsletters, and books.
  • Preparation. This category allows three hours preparation for each one hour you teach. If you teach the same program, you will receive 1.5 hours preparation for each one hour you teach.

                                                                                                                                             As of 6/26/19



The Joanne Boyd, PLS Scholarship (the “Scholarship”) was adopted in or about August 2000 by the Pittsburgh Legal Secretaries Association (“Pittsburgh LSA”) to honor Joanne’s memory.  The Scholarship’s initial intent was to award a member who had passed the PLS certification exam during the fiscal year.  Since that time, NALS has instituted the additional certification of Professional Paralegal (“PP”), and the certification of ALS had already been in existence.

In 2010, the Pittsburgh LSA resigned its charter and its members are now designated as “at large.”  Accordingly, the Pittsburgh members entrusted the handling of the Scholarship to the discretion of the NALS of Pennsylvania Board of Directors (the “Board”).  Therefore, on the date of adoption of the governance documents of NALS of Pennsylvania, the Board approved the following for awarding the Scholarship:

NALS of Pennsylvania shall award $100 annually to a member of NALS of Pennsylvania who has successfully passed the ALS, PLS, or PP exams during that fiscal year.  The award will be determined by randomly drawing one name from all those who have successfully passed the ALS, PLS, or PP certifications.  In the event no member has successfully passed the ALS, PLS, or PP exam during the fiscal year, then the names of all currently certified ALSs, PLSs, and PPs shall be placed into a drawings for the awarding of the $100 Scholarship.  The Scholarship drawing shall be held during the NALS of Pennsylvania Annual Conference each year.

In the event there are no newly certified members during the fiscal year and in order to maintain the integrity of the Scholarship, the certification director or duly appointed officer of NALS of Pennsylvania shall verify through NALS that each certified member holds a current, valid certification and shall prepare a written report submitted to the secretary for publication in the program book at the Annual Conference, listing each certified members’ name and stating that they are eligible to participate in the drawing.

Furthermore, members holding two certifications will have their name entered twice into the drawing for the $100 Scholarship.

The name of the grantee of said Scholarship shall be spread upon the minutes of the meeting.

In order to maintain the Scholarship in honor of Joanne Boyd’s memory, when the balance of the Scholarship fund reaches $300, NALS of Pennsylvania will include a line item expense in the amount of $100 on the new fiscal year budget.  Donations to the Scholarship will be accepted at any time.  Anyone wishing to contribute to the Scholarship should submit a check payable to NALS of Pennsylvania and forward same to the then-current President of NALS of Pennsylvania.